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Medical Test Results Policy of
Main Street Medical Care

Regarding your recent lab work or x-ray test, we have outlined a few commonly asked questions so you know what to expect regarding results:
When will I get my results?
It takes between 7-10 days to get final results for the most common tests we order. Please allow 7-10 days to hear from us.
What does ‘STAT’ mean?
Occasionally, Dr. Zahaluk requests a test be done with the results back the same day. We will tell you if we are doing any tests on a STAT basis and we will call you the same day with those results, typically before 5pm.
What if I don’t hear from you within ten days?
Please call us for a status at 972-221-3500.
How will I be notified?
If the results are normal and require minimal follow up, we will notify you by mail. Otherwise our staff will call you with specific interpretation and/or instruction from Dr. Zahaluk
If I’m asked to come in to discuss results, does it mean something is seriously wrong?
No, not necessarily. If the interpretation of your test requires a change in medication or a significant lifestyle change, Dr. Zahaluk may want to go over that with you in person. Please don’t panic if we ask you to come in for a test result.
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